Video Collaboration at Cal Poly

Video Conferencing or Web Conferencing? Which is the right fit?

Video Conferencing

  • Highest quality and reliability. Standards-based commercial level two-way or multiple site conferencing supporting high quality video, audio and computer based content sharing. Equipment, facilities and technical support provide quality conference environments and performance.
  • H.323 video conference room/system specifications for video conferences with Cal Poly:
    • Required:

      - IP connected system (no ISDN)

      - 1 Mb minimum bandwidth connectivity (1.5 Mb+ preferred)

      - On-site technical support, i.e., technician, not administrative assistant

      - Successful send and receive test call with Cal Poly at or above minimum bandwidth at least 2 business days prior to conference
    • Preferred:

      - High Def Codec

      - PTZ camera with ability to show zoomed, close-up of subject

      - Controlled, adjustable lighting on subject

      - External desktop microphone located close to subject
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Web Conferencing

  • Consumer level quality and reliability. Some web conference apps such as Zoom provide two-way and multiple site conferences, computer based content sharing and recording. Equipment, facilities, environment and performance is variable.
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