Classroom Scheduling

Information and contacts for classroom scheduling.

SmartRoom Classrooms

Scheduled by University Scheduling or Continuing Education

Multimedia Rooms

Scheduled by University Scheduling or Continuing Education

Distance Learning Rooms

One-time use scheduled by Classroom Technologies - please call 756.6765 for assistance

Quarter-long distance learning (DL) rooms are scheduled by University Scheduling

  1. It is extremely important that your Department's scheduler notify the University Scheduling Office that you require a Distance Learning (DL) classroom at least two quarters in advance of the start of your class. There are only two ITS supported DL classrooms on this campus that are scheduled as Multimedia Presentation rooms when not needed for DL classes.
  2. Once the University Scheduling Office has confirmed your room reservation - and well before your class begins - you must contact CT to make the appropriate technical arrangements with the far end site(s).

Video Conferencing Rooms

Scheduled by CT. See the Video Collaboration page for scheduling and other information.

Club use of all rooms is scheduled through the ASI Club Services

Use of Multimedia Rooms requires a user orientation - please read the Multimedia Room policies

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