Consulting Services

Take advantage of our knowledge base and research expertise to procure the right media equipment for your labs, conference rooms and department use. We encourage colleges and departments to contact one of our technicians before purchasing any presentation or multimedia equipment.

Questions about Smart Classroom technology, video conferencing, distance learning?

Consulting Contacts
Name Phone Location Email
Maneesh Kumar 756-7489 Building 46 Room 100
Ryan jones 756-6785 Building 46 Room 100

Questions about Special Events?

Please visit our Special Event page or contact:

Eric Boege 756-6429 Building 46 Room 100
Spencer marley 756-1375 Building 2 Room 21

FAQs About Consulting Services

Q. We would like the SmartRoom equipment installed in one of our Department labs. What do we do? Who do we contact? How much does it cost per room?

A. ITS-Customer & Technology Support (CTS) can provide project management for department SmartRoom upgrades. Please call 756-7198 for more information.

Q. We are planning on remodeling our Department labs next January. Can you help with sound, acoustics, lighting and media?
A. Please see our Consulting page.

Q. Our department wants to purchase an LCD projector. How do we know which one is best for our needs?
A. Contact CTS at 756-6765 to be referred to a staff consultant who can assist you with this or any audio/visual equipment selection that will best fit your department's use.

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